CL Originate™ – Customer-centric Loan Origination and Underwriting

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CL Originate™

To thrive in today’s highly competitive online market, financial institutions need to embrace new approaches for both online lending and regulatory compliance while lowering risk and costs. Many lenders are constrained by existing manual processes and legacy systems that cannot adapt to new competitive pressure or regulations. These systems limit the ability to bring new lending products to market resulting in loss of market share to nimbler competitors.

CL Originate is a next generation application for loan origination and underwriting designed to meet lenders' requirements for automated decisioning and loan processing.


Key Features

  • Create best-in-class online lending products that get results in just 6 clicks
  • Timely management of a large number of tasks, documents and parties required to underwrite complex loans
  • Manage the workflow, approvals and tasks to enforce process compliance
  • Create multi-tiered and customized scorecards by lending product