Cloud-based Loan Origination and Underwriting for Commercial Lenders

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CL Originate for Commercial Loans

CL Originate enables banks to accelerate and manage all commercial loan products on a single, highly configurable platform. CL Originate with Cloud Lending’s revolutionary front-end portal technology provides a virtual workspace to support collaborative underwriting process; managing multiple borrower entities, complex document requirements, iterative reviews and approvals through an evolving borrowing and collateral structure inherent in complex commercial loans. With improved process efficiency throughout the commercial loan origination lifecycle, CL Originate eliminates re-keying of data and reducing credit and compliance risk.

Key Features

  • Accelerates commercial loan origination by increasing operational efficiency, reducing compliance risk and providing transparency throughout the origination lifecycle
  • Transforms the way banks originate commercial loans by digitizing the commercial loan origination process
  • Eliminates re-keying of information during the commercial loan origination process by providing a single source of truth for the commercial loan opportunity
  • Achieve better operational and organizational transparency by providing visibility into the loan origination pipeline and loan origination process for all levels of the organization
  • Reduce the cost of commercial loan origination by reducing the time, personnel and overhead required to approve each commercial loan