Cloud Lending Solutions Lease Xcelerate Program

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Xcelerate your Leasing Practice with no Stress or Risk

The Cloud Lending Solutions Lease Xcelerate Program is a revolutionary implementation offering providing a fixed scope for lease servicing through a preconfigured, new salesforce org implementation of the CL Lease solution for a fixed price. The objective of our program is to allow leasing organizations to go live, on a complete lease servicing solution, without any data migrations, integrations or interfaces in 8 weeks. That is our commitment to you.

The program can be leverages as a complete implementation package or for larger lessors, it can be used as a Proof-of-Concept or 'seed' program letting you focus on the finer points of your leasing business that is unique rather than designing a program from scratch.

What can the Xcelerate Program do for you?

  • Improve leasing service flows with automation
  • Increased productivity and speed to market
  • Decreased customizations and design time

Contact us to see how the Cloud Lending Solutions Lease Xcelerate Program can help your Equipment Leasing business.